CRON Example: Creating a CRON schedule for a particular day in the first, second, or third week of each month.

Introduction: Email2Ticket Scheduled Actions use CRON to specify the date and time an action
will be executed. To schedule an action, you must input a CRON string in the correct format.
Email2Ticket provides a GUI tool for basic schedules, but building a more complicated CRON
string will require some basic knowledge and examples. Here we are demonstrating how to
construct a CRON schedule for the third Monday of each month.

A basic overview of Email2Ticket's CRON format, from the Email2Ticket User Guide:
​Custom CRON schedule in the format:
<m> <h> <date> <mo> <day>
Where each element is a range (e.g. – 1-12), a list
separated by comma with no spaces (e.g. - 1,3,5) or
wildcard (*):
 <m> is minute (0-59)
 <h> is hour (0-23)
 <date> is calendar date (1-31)
 <mo> is month (1-12)
 <day> is weekday (0-6, 0 is Sunday)
Each element is separated by a single space. 

The first week of any day of the month is 1 -7
The second week is 8 -14
The third is 15 – 21
The fourth is 22 -28

So let's say day of the week is X, where X is 0 – 6 Sunday being 0 and Saturday being 6. 
Then, with starting time 8:00AM:

First week
0 8 1-7 * X

Second Week
0 8 8-14 * X

Third Week
0 8 15-21 * X

Fourth Week
0 8 22-28 * X

To complete our example, the third Monday of each month is 0 8 15-21 * 1

For more information, see the Email2Ticket User Guide at:
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