How to use the Push Deploy

Here’s the link to download the tool and some brief instructions on how to use it.


You can run the tool from essentially any machine the network.

 1. Download the tool from

 2. Launch the tool. On the first tab “Settings and Configuration”

 – Set your storage folder. By default, all the scan files will be placed in the directory where you launched the tool from. You can change that directory to a Network Share if need be.

– Credentials – By default the collection will be run as the user you are currently logged into the machine with. You can supply a different set of credentials in the fields below if the logged in user is not an administrator.

– Network Detective Connector – This section is optional. If you have never used the client connector you will need to purchase the add-on before you use this feature.

 3. On the Second Tab, “Computers and Collection Status” you have the option of Adding a single computer, adding Computers using a file (.txt), or entering and IP range. Once the machines are added you’ll notice that they will appear in the computer list below and a series of checks will be made to ensure that the user account you entered has admin access to that machine, the remote pc has .net 3.5 installed, and WMI is accessible. If you get 3 checks on each machine you’ll see the PID created under status and a question mark under the “Collected CDF” column. Once the scan completes that column will have a check as well. At this point you can move on to step 4.

 4. On the 3rd Tab “Collected Data Files” you’ll notice that you can open the storage folder and grab your scan files. You also have the option of zipping the folder. Once you have zipped the folders you can transfer it to the computer running the Network Detective Application and import the entire zip.


For more information please refer to the online help manual located in the Help Menu of the Network detective application. deploy



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