Ticket Not Being Created in Autotask

  • Are the mailbox credentials setup correctly? Use "Test Connection" to double check.
  • Is the email received in the mailbox? (Since Email2Ticket does not delete the emails, you can use the "Test Rules" and "Login to Email Account" to pull up recent emails, or login to the mailbox/account yourself to see that the email is there.) Also - sometimes there can be a race condition on the first email. Try sending the email one additional time.

Issues with ATES

Tickets created using the ATES method will have the queues, priority, and other parameters that are defined by you for ATES, and all tickets will use these defaults. The configuration for creating a ticket via ATES is therefore more straightforward.

  • The match occurs on the email address. Is the email address, typically in the "from" field, the same as what is stored in Autotask?
  • Does the email address / contact exist in Autotask?
  • If there is not a contact match, the ticket may be sent to the Zero Account (depending on ATES options)
  • Check that the ATES Credentials are entered correctly.

Issues with ATWS

The Autotask Web Services API provides more granularity and flexibility when creating tickets, allowing you to specify queue, resource, issue type, priority, etc. This also provides extra opportunities for potential issues.

  • If you are assigning a resource, the role you choose must be a valid role for that resource or the create ticket will fail.
  • If you assign a queue and a resource, it is possible to create the ticket in a queue that is not "visible" for that resource. Check to make sure that the resource has access to that queue.
  • If you have AUtotask setup to require a Sub Issue Type, you must specify the Sub Issue Type in Email2Ticket or the create ticket will fail.
  • For existing rules that have trouble, please check that all fields specified are still valid in your Autotask account. For instance, were any queues deleted or changed?

A best practice would be to enable "Continue on Autotask Exception" and have a catch-all rule that will enter the ticket using ATES.

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