How Push Deploy Works

How Push Deploy works

1. ADMIN$ access to the remote

2. .NET v3.5 installed on the remote machine

3. WMI access to the remote machine.

Admin$ is used to create a remote folder and copy our self-extracting exe which contains all the files needed to run.
Via the admin$ (which connects to the windows folder on the remote machine), we use a file check for a specific file where .NET 3.5 should be located. This tells us if that requirement is met.
We use WMI to create a process on the remote machine that runs the self-extracted file we copied. This does the extract. 
Based on the push utility, WMI is used again to create the process to run the given collection.
WMI is used over and over at different intervals to check if the process is still running.
Once it is not running, Admin$ is used again to pull back the given output file (cdf, sdf, hdf) for the push type.

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